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Thomas Marelli
indaco was forged from International Artists Angelo Marelli and Mary Virginia Marelli whose mosaics and paintings adorn churches in Italy, Malta, China and the United States. After earning a Master in Mechanical Engineering, degrees in Physics and Latin, he realized that he couldn't put down the pencil. So after practicing arts and crafts all his life, indaco decided to formalize his knowledge with art studies at the Glassell School of Arts in Houston, Texas.

Q. Why did you study science and letters if your vocation appears to be in Art?
A. My parents encouraged me to pursue some of my other interests besides art. I often questioned their judgement. Why would they steer me away from art? Had I lost too much time to start studying art? When I decided to study formally, all my skills came into focus very quickly. They knew.
Hunting Art Prize
indaco (in-da co, with inflection as in indigo)
noun masculine indigo
1.a blue dye obtained from various plants.
2. materia colorante tra l'azzurro e il viola,
di origine naturale o sintetica.
tingere con indaco un tessuto.
3. Indigo is the color between blue and violet.
L'indaco è uno dei sette colori dell'iride.
adjective indaco di colore azzurro-violaceo.
un vestito indaco
Artista indaco
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