Mr. and Mrs. Hunting at the Gala Event
Hunting Art Prize
Hunting Art Prize Gala
Hunting Art Prize Gala
Hunting Art Prize Finalist indaco
Hunting Art Prize Finalist
Hunting Art Prize Finals
Hunting Art Prize Finalist indaco
indaco's after party
indaco at the Hunting Art Prize
indaco's party
after party
The Hunting Art Prize, which is sponsored by the international oil services company Hunting PLC, is a prestigious annual competition open to established artists, talented newcomers, and promising amateurs. Its $50,000 award is historically the most generous annual award in North America for painting and drawing, and has helped to build the reputations, raise the profiles, and support the careers of distinguished artists.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunting at the gala event of the 2011 Hunting art prize finalists competition
Welcome to the Gala
How may I be of service?
indaco tries to peddle his painting
Some of indaco's competition
More paintings
indaco's painting is Mrs. Hunting's favorite but the CEO's wife already bought it
The after party with other finalists
Mrs. Hunting's necklace worth more than indaco's existence
More finalists freeloading at indaco's
After the after party
2011 Hunting Art Prize Finalist